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Read One Piece 959 Updates: One of the red scabbards is a traitor and law learned that from drake or hawkins while being captured. So law changed the plan and didn't tell the scabbards, because he doesn't know the actual name of the traitor. I think the port attack was intentional because it would prevent the scabbards from sailing to onigishama which means the traitor either is someone that wants to prevent the nine red scabbards from meeting their indefinite end and has other alternative motives or he is purely doing it to prevent the assault which means the character is on the side of the orochi and is obviously someone that has more evil intent. But the missing part of the equation still doesn't answer exactly what the hell happened to the straw hats, unless they all got captured or something. Luffy would never betray the scabbards. Another interesting theory that no one seemed to have mentioned is the indication of the full moon, which obviously signifies the transformation of the minks so reason the port is in shambles is a battle took place with the minks involvement, attacking the port. Which means that one of the minks is the traitor.

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Get the latest one piece 959 spoiler pics and summaries here. Even with all the help, I don't see how they can even remotely take on kaido and mom. Also from a story perspective, this is kaidos arc, luffys trained exlusively for him, and built up this fight since punk hazard. It has to go down. Catch the latest one piece 959 spoilers, Read one piece 959 scans Online. One piece 959 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.

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But mom made it through the last arc as the boss, which is super rare besides seabody party wipe, and solo luffy in id and marine ford. She has a lot of hype for an elbaf defeat. But considering all the talk about their alliance. Luffy et al bringing down both yonko this arc, with maybe shanks/blackbeard arriving to finish one off, would really end the arc on a bang. Talk about a perfect time to call on his fleet too. Getting tired of orochi's cocky ass though, guy needs to go down. It's really sad seeing oden with high hopes, knowing the next few decades his country is in the grip of a tyrant, a brutal monarch and ruthless industrialization and isolationism/ethnocentrism. The despair of his retainers finally having their shot and seeing it crumble, it's rough.

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