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Read One Piece 959 Updates: One of the red scabbards is a traitor and law learned that from drake or hawkins while being captured. So law changed the plan and didn't tell the scabbards, because he doesn't know the actual name of the traitor. I think the port attack was intentional because it would prevent the scabbards from sailing to onigishama which means the traitor either is someone that wants to prevent the nine red scabbards from meeting their indefinite end and has other alternative motives or he is purely doing it to prevent the assault which means the character is on the side of the orochi and is obviously someone that has more evil intent. But the missing part of the equation still doesn't answer exactly what the hell happened to the straw hats, unless they all got captured or something. Luffy would never betray the scabbards. Another interesting theory that no one seemed to have mentioned is the indication of the full moon, which obviously signifies the transformation of the minks so reason the port is in shambles is a battle took place with the minks involvement, attacking the port. Which means that one of the minks is the traitor.

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One Piece 959 is the next manga and the predictions and spoilers will be available before its release. Thinking logically, there is no one who could beat Luffy or Zoro or Law or the others because everyone strong is already on Onigashima. So this leads to two theories,. Secret power, such as the time fruit, being used to send everyone into the future which wouldn't make to much sense, but the idea is that they are being controlled outside of pure power or an outsider came to Wano to over power them. So fans should watch out for the fun and keep coming here to check the latest & fastest update.

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Nothing else could have happened because th yonko didn't know about the alliance's plan and Orochi is far to weak to beat them alone. It could have either been an attack due to the traitor or we simply take the freak weather explanation given by the narrator. While Oda seems to imply it was an attack in the end, both explanations seems feasible. The damage that could be seen may have just been caused by the storm. It's also possible its a bit of both and that Orochi wanted to attack them, but someone warned them. Maybe Law, Kyoshiro whose presence in the capital will certainly be important or even Drake. The smail not working may simply be to due their limited range and/or the regional boss snail being impacted by the storm. The single boat Inu notices suggests that someone may have arrived later or seperately from everyone else. Maybe Neko and his companions given we finally got a name drop for him. The mention of the full moon certainly implies that stuff is till going down today. The quick cutback to the capital during Kinemon's plea, where there was some kind of carriage, was weird. So weird that it kind of seems important. Did the alliance smuggle some people in to or out of the capital?

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