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Read One Piece 959 Updates: One of the red scabbards is a traitor and law learned that from drake or hawkins while being captured. So law changed the plan and didn't tell the scabbards, because he doesn't know the actual name of the traitor. I think the port attack was intentional because it would prevent the scabbards from sailing to onigishama which means the traitor either is someone that wants to prevent the nine red scabbards from meeting their indefinite end and has other alternative motives or he is purely doing it to prevent the assault which means the character is on the side of the orochi and is obviously someone that has more evil intent. But the missing part of the equation still doesn't answer exactly what the hell happened to the straw hats, unless they all got captured or something. Luffy would never betray the scabbards. Another interesting theory that no one seemed to have mentioned is the indication of the full moon, which obviously signifies the transformation of the minks so reason the port is in shambles is a battle took place with the minks involvement, attacking the port. Which means that one of the minks is the traitor.

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Good Day we are so excited to bring you the latest one piece 959 raw scans and summaries. If oden was only there when roger went to raftel and in this chapter we saw buggy and shanks there doesn’t it confirm that buggy and shanks know everything like what the one piece is. Where’s raftel, the void century. One piece 959 manga will be posted here when one piece 959 chapter scans is out! for the meantime, just read one piece 959 prediction and one piece 959 spoiler confirmed by Soda.

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Most of the people working at port got captured and sent to prison, orochi would deal with them personally when he comes back from the feast. Kyoshiro is the 9th red scabbard. He most probably suggested to keep rebels alive rather than kill them and later give public execution so so as to draw out the scabbards. Kyoshiro didn't tell anyone because he knows there is a mole in rebel alliance he just doesn't know who it is so can't trust anybody. As to why no one came maybe he distributed different pamphlets giving another port The red scabbards probably decide to head alone to onigashima because they have waited too long but once they reach there they will be joined by everyone else.

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