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Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! It seems that taking over Udon wasn't going to be as simple as Luffy thought. I have to give the warden some credit. Just when Luffy was acting all confident, the warden turned the tables on him. This shows Luffy that he can't get too careless even with fodders, especially those who don't shy away from underhanded tactics. Luckily, he got the support of Hyogoro, Raizo, Kiku, and Kawamatsu. Kid needs to be free as well. Can't have the prison uprising without him having part of the action. With Kawamatsu finally making his full appearance, the only Scabbard left to be revealed is Denjiro. Plus, Oden and Toki also need to be fully shown and not just as silhouettes. I agree with Chopper on one thing. Forget about Big Mom. She is Queen's problem now and hopefully, she will become Kaido's problem as well.

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We are so excited to bring you the latest one piece 949 raw spoiler and summaries. Let's start with the prisoners. Oda is very very clever in how he treats the Udon prisoners in this chapter. Because of the short manga format, Oda has to clearly show the reader that the people in this prison are a representation of the broken, tortured, starving, and hopeless masses in all of Wano. One piece 949 Manga will be posted here when one piece 949 chapter scans is out! for the meantime, just read one piece 949 prediction and one piece 949 spoiler confirmed.

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The way Oda chose to do this is haunting. Showing how even with the key to freedom right in front of them (Luffy) the prisoners still don't hesitate to obey an order from their oppressors (Old Maid). Then we hear, from the mouths of the prisoners themselves, "of course we hate Kaido and Orochi, but what the hell can we do! This entire country is a prison wasteland! We even tried to fight back 20 years ago and all that brought was death and pain to our families." The men in this prison are so broken down they think, "even if we escape, what's the point? We are forever trapped." It honestly makes the reader feel so much pity for these people. This pity quickly turns into a bit of remorse when one of the prisoners says to Luffy "You are an outsider right!!? You are free to run around and cause trouble all you want!!" Like damn I had to take a step back and realize that Luffy is walking into Wano trying to be the hero but... it's been 20 years. The people of Wano are so broken down the idea of a hero is met with a bit of indignation and backlash. Then we see a taste of what keeps the citizens of Wano so subjugated, Queen's diseases. It looks gruesome, honestly, what Plague Bullets do to you. And of course Queen with his sick and twisted brain decided to go ahead and call them Excitement Bullets... And this is just ONE calamity's specialty. You still have Jack the Drought and King the Wildfire to contend with. Like seriously it seems like Wano never stood a chance and they have been brought low by the power of their enemies.

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