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Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! It seems that taking over Udon wasn't going to be as simple as Luffy thought. I have to give the warden some credit. Just when Luffy was acting all confident, the warden turned the tables on him. This shows Luffy that he can't get too careless even with fodders, especially those who don't shy away from underhanded tactics. Luckily, he got the support of Hyogoro, Raizo, Kiku, and Kawamatsu. Kid needs to be free as well. Can't have the prison uprising without him having part of the action. With Kawamatsu finally making his full appearance, the only Scabbard left to be revealed is Denjiro. Plus, Oden and Toki also need to be fully shown and not just as silhouettes. I agree with Chopper on one thing. Forget about Big Mom. She is Queen's problem now and hopefully, she will become Kaido's problem as well.

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One piece 949 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. Find out in one piece 949. I have the same thoughts about the "told everyone she was a man", but since One Piece has always tackled these themes, having a character fight against sexism is something I would love.

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On the topic of sexism, I used to think Kuina's struggle was strictly about "females having weaker bodies" when I was younger, but the sexism aspect makes MUCH more sense in a fictional world, especially One Piece itself. I mean, when you have powerhouses in all forms and tiers, such as Boa, Smoothie, Big Mom and even Iva, the argument of weak bodies just stops making much sense.
Instead, we can talk about how women are usually excluded and rejected from these scenarios, for whatever reason, just like how Oda has spoken about other races before. How women are pretty much never warriors (which is one of the reasons Boa's Island is pretty cool).
Goes off to show how we try and use things that are common sense to us, even in fiction, where such things rarely apply.

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