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The conflict at Rasetsu Town sure is heating up. Right now, Law has his own problem to deal with. Not only is Bepo missing, but Hawkins can transfer any damage done to him to Law's crewmates. Let's wait to see how Law and Hawkin's powers fair against each other. Hiyori came close to getting captured, but fortunately she has her own knight in shiny armor. I love the look on Sanji's face when he saw Hiyori with Zoro. Is Sanji and Drake going to finish their battle or is Drake going to let Sanji slip away again? On another note, Shutenmaru has found out about Kin'emon's ploy. Shutenmaru says he wants to show Kin'emon something, so does that mean he is going to come around? And now back to the drama at Udon. I can't believe Queen allowed Big Mom to land a huge hit on him so quickly. I say this is the best time for Luffy to escape with the prisoners. If Big Mom's craving sickness starts, no one in Udon will be safe. However, Big Mom can't be left alone and would need to be stopped. If Luffy will not fight a berserk Big Mom, then he should escape and leave Big Mom to Queen and Kaido. Once he hears about Big Mom's presence, no way is Kaido going to sit still. If Kaido deals with Big Mom, then that would be a weight off of Chopper's chest as he won't have to worry about Big Mom regaining her memories. If Kaido is not going to kill Big Mom, then since he can fly in his dragon form, he could pick Big Mom up and throw her out of Wano.

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Get the latest one piece 946 spoiler scans and summaries here. Usopp and Nami were talking about potentially being tortured for information a few chapters ago. In this chapter, we learned that Orochi's men will try to capture one of the Straw Hats for interrogation. Obvious connection would be one of Usopp or Nami being captured. One piece 946 chapter manga spoiler will be released on thursday night or friday morning. Now, what can you say about the next one piece 946 chapter? where will it go from there? feel free to discuss it here.

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I'm guessing it'll be Usopp. He'll put himself in a compromising position in order to save Toko and will be captured. This was a massive W for Hawkins he outplayed Law completely. First he was expecting him so didn't rush off with Drake to fight the strawhats, instead stayed by the prison in case Law came during the distraction, understands how easily Law could break them out so splits them up and forces Law to confront him to find Bepo. But, Hawkins has already confirmed his victory by using Law's crew as his lives. Law's only options are surrender or risk his crew to find some way to immobilise Hawkins without "damaging" him.

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