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The conflict at Rasetsu Town sure is heating up. Right now, Law has his own problem to deal with. Not only is Bepo missing, but Hawkins can transfer any damage done to him to Law's crewmates. Let's wait to see how Law and Hawkin's powers fair against each other. Hiyori came close to getting captured, but fortunately she has her own knight in shiny armor. I love the look on Sanji's face when he saw Hiyori with Zoro. Is Sanji and Drake going to finish their battle or is Drake going to let Sanji slip away again? On another note, Shutenmaru has found out about Kin'emon's ploy. Shutenmaru says he wants to show Kin'emon something, so does that mean he is going to come around? And now back to the drama at Udon. I can't believe Queen allowed Big Mom to land a huge hit on him so quickly. I say this is the best time for Luffy to escape with the prisoners. If Big Mom's craving sickness starts, no one in Udon will be safe. However, Big Mom can't be left alone and would need to be stopped. If Luffy will not fight a berserk Big Mom, then he should escape and leave Big Mom to Queen and Kaido. Once he hears about Big Mom's presence, no way is Kaido going to sit still. If Kaido deals with Big Mom, then that would be a weight off of Chopper's chest as he won't have to worry about Big Mom regaining her memories. If Kaido is not going to kill Big Mom, then since he can fly in his dragon form, he could pick Big Mom up and throw her out of Wano.

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The new boku no hero academia 232 is coming, What do you think that is going to happen in the next chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter. My hope for this arc is Hawks to make up his mind on which side he'll join and join LOV. And this is because as a child he was forced into the role of a hero, he wasn't given the choice of what he wanted to do and so you sort of see him feel conflicted in the sense of how does he keep his middle ground, how does he proof loyalty to both sides to then have that choice of what sides to pick. I do think he killed Jean since it would be a big thing that will pile onto this decision he's having to make for himself because it just doesn't seem like this was part of the mission. I also hope that we get a spinner back story, but also a flashback or even a memory from Dabi by the end of this arc to end it nicely. But so far this is my favorite arc out of all of them because the villains aren't 2D or ones you can't have fun with, they are just as well thought out as the heroes and the students which I honestly love!

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He was waiting to meet the LoV with proof of his resolve and the flashback ends with his hand on the bag saying that you shouldn't question the resolve of a man on a mission. Its possible he's still alive in there or that the author is intentionally trying to trick the reader, but based solely on this chapter the manga was clearly hinting at him being in the bag and to be used as proof of Hawks loyalty to the LoV and his resolve to maintain his cover. As much as i don't like the idea of hawks getting so deep into this undercover spy thing, if that's the case and he really killed best jeanist, then i wonder if the heroes who sent him to work on this in first place are still going to take his side when all of this is over? like, are they going to tell everyone he was sent as a hero spy, or are they going to leave him to die as if he was a hero turned villain? i feel like he's gonna be abandoned by the heroes at some point.

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