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The conflict at Rasetsu Town sure is heating up. Right now, Law has his own problem to deal with. Not only is Bepo missing, but Hawkins can transfer any damage done to him to Law's crewmates. Let's wait to see how Law and Hawkin's powers fair against each other. Hiyori came close to getting captured, but fortunately she has her own knight in shiny armor. I love the look on Sanji's face when he saw Hiyori with Zoro. Is Sanji and Drake going to finish their battle or is Drake going to let Sanji slip away again? On another note, Shutenmaru has found out about Kin'emon's ploy. Shutenmaru says he wants to show Kin'emon something, so does that mean he is going to come around? And now back to the drama at Udon. I can't believe Queen allowed Big Mom to land a huge hit on him so quickly. I say this is the best time for Luffy to escape with the prisoners. If Big Mom's craving sickness starts, no one in Udon will be safe. However, Big Mom can't be left alone and would need to be stopped. If Luffy will not fight a berserk Big Mom, then he should escape and leave Big Mom to Queen and Kaido. Once he hears about Big Mom's presence, no way is Kaido going to sit still. If Kaido deals with Big Mom, then that would be a weight off of Chopper's chest as he won't have to worry about Big Mom regaining her memories. If Kaido is not going to kill Big Mom, then since he can fly in his dragon form, he could pick Big Mom up and throw her out of Wano.

Shokugeki no Soma 312 Chapter - 1

We will give you the latest update on shokugeki no soma 312 manga. I adored the short flashback of Soma's mother because finally we get to see Soma mother and how Soma became the man he is now who embraces failure after failure. Now I'm inching on how Jouchiro fell in love with Tamako but I have a hunch that is has to do with her personality and sharing a common interest of experimenting new dishes. Soma's mom amazing personality. Also she was the real culprit behind both father n son creepy experiments. I absolutely loved the chapter. And Soma said it right, not knowing how failure tastes is Asahi potentially biggest weakness. You know, how too good can be a demerit of it's own and that what's hindered Asahi growth to much extent or will in future. That's why he wasn't the right answer, to Erina's mom problem.

And i think that's an excellent way to justify Soma win here. Just nice/better cooking wouldn't have been right answer for such a hyped battle. Nice move indeed.What do you think that is going to happen in the next chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter. Any moment from now, shokugeki no soma 312 spoiler and shokugeki no soma 312 Manga scans will came out of course thanks to mangahelpers and Bakadata Forum for shokugeki no soma 312 raw and spoilers.

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Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 312 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
That covering every single grain of rice with egg is some “cooking master boy” level of shit! Hell, I think I even remember an episode of that fried rice on that show! If that ain’t a reference to one of the og cooking anime, then Tsukuda channeling some god levels of reach.
Oh, and tamako is a treat after all this BLUE arc, waited so damn long and was not disappointed with her. I hope Jou tells Asahi that he only let him won because he was testing a new recipe and it was a fail. I still don't believe Jou got defeated that easily in the background by some brat who has no manners, when he's a chef who is world beyond his reach. God he's so annoying I can't wait for the result where Souma finally wipes his stupid face on the floor. I really never thought of the possibility of his lose being a setup. Idk if this might be true but that could be such as possibility and it would make sense in a way. Maybe this is all for soma or in a way allow asahi to grow as well with some being him. There are a lot of possibilities but you can also make the argument his lose could have been set up too.

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