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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Since the very beginning we’re speaking of the prologue that prefaced the first episode Game of Thrones has been building toward a decisive battle between the living and the dead. Between the Starks and the White Walkers. And as the Night King rides Ice Viserion above the ruins of the Wall, that inevitable clash has never appeared closer. This struggle will undoubtedly be what most of the final six episodes deals with. However, I am already happy to report that it’s now apparent this isn’t the true end of the series. Jon Snow has called the Army of the Dead the only enemy that matters, and he is correct to fear zombies over mere humans.

Yet George R.R. Martin’s world has never been Middle-earth. Hence why it could never truly be about just the forces of good overcoming the forces of evil in an epic battle on the border of Mordor. While J.R.R. Tolkien included the “Scouring of the Shire” as one of his many epilogues in Lord of the Rings (which is perhaps the only thing of substance Peter Jackson cut from his movie adaptations), it is now obvious that Martin, and Benioff and Weiss, are making the post-war skirmishes and power vacuums a critical part of the main story. While Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and even Jaime Lannister have become united in fighting the White Walkers, Cersei will be building her army and ready to strike a terrible blow to those who survive what should be the war that ends conflict for a generation.

As for that war itself, Benioff and Weiss have perhaps too heavily foreshadowed how it will go down. I suspect that Jon and Daenerys will receive news at White Harbor that the Wall has fallen, and the Dead are marching towards the south. The biggest question will thus be if Jon and Dany choose to engage the army immediately or return to Winterfell. Inevitably there will have to be a major battle they lose to the Night King before what will likely be a last stand at Winterfell. And the role of the dragons might define which order this occurs in.

It is for that reason that I think they will return to Winterfell first. This provides enjoyable drama as Sansa and Arya meet Daenerys, and size up their supposed new queen. Arya herself has a long overdue reunion with the Hound too. Yet the main purpose for going to Winterfell first will be for Jon to finally reconnect with his younger siblings, Bran and Arya. Arya is Jon’s favorite, but all that emotion will be supplanted by Bran Stark and Samwell Tarly inevitably revealing that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen.

This reveal needs to come sooner than later, because it will be the inevitable icy wall constructed overnight between Jon and Daenerys. If Sam’s book (as well as maybe Meera Reed’s father?) can confirm to Dany that Jon is her nephew, it will create a tidal wave of conflict between them. Suddenly she should be required to bend the knee to him. While I do not think Jon wants the Iron Throne nor will ask her for it—and he may not even reveal to the Northern lords he is a Targaryen—this will gnaw at Dany. And after some likely tempestuous accusations, It will also be what forces her finally allow someone else to fly a dragon into battle. Jon will ride his father’s namesake, Rhaegal, alongside Daenerys on Drogon, into their first season 8 engagement with the White Walkers.

And yet, the inclusion of the Night King riding Viserion will likely cause this to be a massacre. Perhaps even Drogon will go down in a battle against the reanimated corpse of his sibling, as I suspect Dany’s destiny is to let go of her dragon heritage. In this vein, Dany said during the season 7 finale that the Targaryens began to lose their power when they put their dragons in a proverbial cage—the Dragonpit—just as she had done in Meereen to Rhaegal and Viserion. Her season 8 arc will in part be about realizing that Jon Snow becoming king might also likewise be caging her… and that she will need to let the past and her sense of entitlement go. This is all theory, but I’m dead certain the final battle with the White Walkers will occur inside the walls of Winterfell. All of our favorite characters are converging on the Stark ancestral home—the same location that served as the second scene in the series’ very first episode. In addition to the living Stark children now residing in Winterfell, Sam, Gilly, Davos, the Hound, Brienne, Jaime, Tyrion, Varys, Jorah, and even Daenerys’ dragons are all headed to this one place. It will be the last stand for the living.

The final battle between the two forces could play out any number of ways, and with any number of casualties (the final subsection of this article includes my predictions of who lives and dies). But a few things definitely need to happen. Bran needs to fulfill his Three-eyed predecessor’s promise that “he’ll fly.” This could refer to the ravens and crows he takes command of already, but we all know it must really mean he’ll commandeer a dragon. If Daenerys and Jon are allies, even a bit bitterly after she learns he’s a Targaryen, then the only dragon Bran will need to take control of is Viserion.

Admittedly, we have never seen Bran warg into a White Walker before, nor a wight. Yet Viserion was a magical creature before being turned, and simply put, I think it is the only way for the good guys to survive an Ice Dragon breathing unholy hell down upon their last refuge.

Also during this epic showdown, Jon Snow will kill the Night King with Longclaw. The battle against the White Walkers has always leaned heavily into epic fantasy tropes. It is Martin basking in the kind of Tolkien-esque fantasy he’s otherwise skewered. So I suspect this is how Benioff and Weiss will rationalize pursuing the most predictable and superheroic ending: the good guy (Jon Snow) kills the bad guy (Night King) in a duel, and as a result all of his underling White Walkers and wights fade away—receding like snow before the first breaths of a dawning spring.

They also might be able to get away with this bit of formulaic Avengers-styled plotting, because the fight against the Dead isn’t the real ending to Game of Thrones.

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