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One Piece 941 Release Date And Spoilers: Well, it's official. The crew is complete. Caribou has joined the Straw Hat Pirates, fulfilling Luffy's dream to have ten crew members. This revelation is quite out of left field, as Carrot and Momonosuke were the top candidates to take that final spot, but honestly, I can't think of anyone more deserving than Caribou. He has a Logia power, diversifying the crew's power sets. Oda said that a former villain would join the crew, and Caribou of course fits that to a tee. We've also seen his tragic backstory, when he left his brother Coribou to die at the Marine base in his cover story, and when that other guy's grandma died in front of him. Truly a tear jerker. If you supported Carrot or someone else for Straw Hat, I would not give up hope just yet. If Jinbe died on Whole Cake Island, there will be a spot open for her. But in the meantime, it's Caribou's time to shine!

Boku no Hero Academia 225 Manga - 8

Boku no hero academia 225 isn't out yet, but you should be able to read boku no hero academia 225 for free online soon. Watch out for the boku no hero academia 225 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming boku no hero academia 225 Spoilers.
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What would make a lot more sense for this context, is if the Liberation Army used an actual ghost town as a base. They could also just use their influence as heroes in order to call for a brief evacuation of an area, too. Using their control over the media, they could prevent the incident from televised or at least stall for enough time before the heroes who are not part of the army arrive. The only way the whole "90% of the city supports them" schtick could work is if that city was inhabited by a predominant group of people who chronically suffer the effects of quirk discrimination, such as Spinner. Average joes and joannes wouldn't risk their necks fighting for some weird liberation army if they weren't already supremely miserable in their current lives but everything we've been shown about Hero Society up to this arc seems to put people with strong quirks on a pedestal rather than oppress them, which makes it less likely that the people who'd want "liberation" would feel unhappy enough with the current status quo to rebel like this.

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