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One Piece 941 Release Date And Spoilers: Well, it's official. The crew is complete. Caribou has joined the Straw Hat Pirates, fulfilling Luffy's dream to have ten crew members. This revelation is quite out of left field, as Carrot and Momonosuke were the top candidates to take that final spot, but honestly, I can't think of anyone more deserving than Caribou. He has a Logia power, diversifying the crew's power sets. Oda said that a former villain would join the crew, and Caribou of course fits that to a tee. We've also seen his tragic backstory, when he left his brother Coribou to die at the Marine base in his cover story, and when that other guy's grandma died in front of him. Truly a tear jerker. If you supported Carrot or someone else for Straw Hat, I would not give up hope just yet. If Jinbe died on Whole Cake Island, there will be a spot open for her. But in the meantime, it's Caribou's time to shine!

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I was half hoping for the league of villains to turn on a new leaf and become good folks, but seeing tomura killing and knowing that toga has killed before makes them sullied. It'd be kinda awesome if they still tried to. Some type of redemption thing. I don't think people really understand the danger of Shigaraki. It is his ability to learn adapt and improvise. Why of all people was he made AFO successor. First of all his father was born when his grandmother had OFA. Might that have an effect. Give the ability to hold multiple quirks? Second he was left for days sitting in the body parts of his family, people kept saying a hero would come and all he could see was images of all might laughing on TV. AFO came and used all mights words 'It's okay. I'm here now. you did nothing wrong'. So he worships his sensei. He was then kept in a room and encouraged to use games to think of people as pawns to be used and discarded. Then when the time was right AFO sent him to UA to see heros in action and to be beaten. He was then exposed to stain and AFO says explicitly that Tomura has to see the strength of an ideal. There is no value in teaching him he must learn for himself. Finally AFO was captured and he made it traumatise Shigaraki further.

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