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One Piece 943 Release Date And Spoilers: Well it looks like it's the end for Yasu. You don't suppose he actually survived all those gunshots, do you? Basically, this whole chapter is Yasu saying his last words, assuming that Oda isn't planning on having another person miraculously surviving again. I was totally expecting Yasui to escape, and I still doubt his death, but it's going to be better off if he is dead or else it was goijavascript:void(0)ng to be all for nothing. Man, that resolution at the end, Oda must have thought really well in naming the artificial devil's fruit “SMILE”, it was all due to greater meaning, classic Oda. The bright side of this chapter is Zoro didn't get lost this time. Anyway, Toko and Hiyori better hide before Orochi sees them. What I am curious about is Hiyori's statement about the SMILE fruits' effect on the people of Ebisu Town. Exactly how do the fruits affect them? I thought Kaido only gives these fruits to his crew. So Yasuie told everyone what's up, now everyone knows how much of a coward Orochi is. Brilliant chapter. I was a bit confused about Yausie and Oden talking it was them, right?. At first I thought they were brothers, because Oden said Yausie would become the shogun, but apparently that was just a joke.? So Yausie is not the witching hour boy? He lied about a few things, but probably he really is not him. I expected Zoro to save him, or anyone, but I guess it's better that way. That "Smile" thing, damn. One Piece is full of very weird people, so those people smiling all the time seemed completely normal. As for them smiling even seeing someone dying, I thought it was some sort of pledge they made, that they would smile, no matter what. I mean, that thing is pretty much believable in One Piece, right? And then we are told that it's because of SMILE. Oh my god, so hence the name, and it's been hundreds of chapters ago... Oda is awesome. I wish there wasn't a break next week, but whatever. I think act 2 will end next chapter.

Desktop Chrome 73 released With Dark Mode, Auto Picture-in-Picture

Chrome version 73 is beginning its rollout today bringing new options for dark mode, changes to media playback, and several under-the-hood improvements, according to the latest release notes from Google. As is usually the case, this Stable Channel update can be applied to Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. The biggest change here is obviously going to be the changes allowing users to flip the switch to dark mode but that will only be usable on macOS for the time being. As expected, the feature works using the system-level settings on the device being used, so turning it on isn't too difficult but there does seem to be some problem on the Windows side of things and there's no word on when Linux systems will see the change.

To activate the feature - or partial feature, for Windows users - users simply need to go to their system's settings for color preferences. That can be found under the Apple menu in System Preferences for macOS users and more specifically in the "General" control panel under the "Appearance" section. The change applies to the entire UI with this update but not to web content. On Windows 10, that can be found under the Settings app's "Personalization" section, within the "Colors subheading but the change only applies to the tab bar and not to the overall UI. It also only applies the color scheme from the selected system color as opposed to a true dark mode. The discrepancy hasn't been explained by the company but likely comes down to relatively vague compatibility problems reported back in January.

So what else is new?

Alongside the 60 listed security updates included with version 73 for desktop platforms - including six noted rated at a high severity level - Google has implemented around 41 new features in Chrome 73. Users aren't likely to notice the vast majority of those since many are changes behind the scenes or other API alterations but there are a few that should become immediately apparent to most users.

One of the biggest changes noted in the documentation for the Chrome platform is the introduction of "Auto Picture-in-Picture." That will automatically put videos that are played back within an installed progressive web application (PWA) into picture-in-picture mode when the 'visibility' of the PWA changes.

A 'skip ad' button will be shown in Picture-in-Picture mode too and that should function on the user end precisely as the name implies.

The Badging API, conversely, ensures that web apps can set an app-wide bade to notify users of notifications at the system level without having to crop up a full notification pane.

Finally, keyboard-based multimedia keys should now be supported anywhere on the web where Media Sessions API has been implemented with the exception of Linux machines. There's still no timeline for systems that aren't running Windows or macOS just yet. The update to Chrome 73 for desktop computers should mean that mobile platforms such as Android and Chrome OS will see incoming updates over the next couple of weeks. Dark mode for Android is presently expected to arrive in that update as well. Although it's less clear whether or not Chrome OS will see the same changes, there have been previous reports of a dark system UI and other related changes in past reports so it isn't out of the question.

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