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One Piece 933 Release Date And Spoilers: The Orochi ninjas look rather dangerous, and I hope they'll be relevant in the chapters to come. I do kind of wish Robin was able to be undercover longer, but at the same time it does say a lot about the skill of ninja and the level of security here on Wano. Plus, it looks like Nami will be shouldering a lot of the undercover stuff, so Robin has my full blessing to kick some ninja ass in the near future. Kyoshiro continues to interest me, especially with the reveal that he helped bring up Komurasaki into who she is today...which is interesting, because there was a moment in her flashback in 928 that made it look like he had slept with her. So what exactly are his teaching methods? There is some talk about how loyal Kyoshiro will be to Orochi, and that he may end up being an ally, but if he's this down and dirty it may be doubtful. Orochi talking about the Oden prophecy again and the guests making fun of it sort of underwhelmed me, since we were already aware of this whole dynamic. Though I have to say, the dude's paranoia is approaching pretty accurate levels which is sure to affect the plot eventually. Though I guess it is a good lead-in to the chaos that's about to break out in the banquet now, so I can understand why this was all brought up again.

Shokugeki no Soma 299 Chapter - 7

Shokugeki no soma 299 spoilers and shokugeki no soma 299 raw will be posted here under shokugeki no soma 299 Manga series. I don't wanna bash it too much but the quality has declined massively ever since the azami arc. And waiting for a new chapter just to see some stuff that's far behind its potential is just not fun anymore. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as shokugeki no soma 299 chapter is available.
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Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 299 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

I really hope they pick up the slack after this trainwreck before they ruin something that was a very entertaining manga for a very long time. If I looked at the cover correctly did another volume of etoile come out?. I'm dying to know if shinomiya got a sharingan now. I don't think that "He's just like souma-kun" is shipping coming from tsukuda, it's just explaining that both of them are good cooking together. C'mon people, don't crucify the author when it's not needed. The fact that the wgo guy knows isami was kidnapped and is seemingly fine with it, is exactly why this this manga has taken a bad turn. I also thinking the same thing too! As the matter of fact, the only person who is going to beat that knife leech king has to be no other than the yukihira genius since this is his feud with his daddy's first disciple! What felt like a "Juicy rib" of a manga at first is now the "Sunflower seeds" of anime. It's on the verge of being unbearable but you read it anyway because of old habits. Tsukuda using flashbacks to cover for his inability to actually structure his story properly. They're not even covering for anything anymore, they're literally the only way he knows how to set up his plot points. Let me tell you why flashbacks worked in the past, because you're not gonna get the answer from tsukuda. Flashbacks in old shokugeki were used to explain cooking strategy and the process at which the chef, usually soma, came to his solution to beating the seemingly impossible challenge set before him. It was interesting to see because the stakes were absolutely enthralling. The difference now though, is that flashbacks aren't even really being used to set up big payoffs anymore, because the battles have basically zero stakes and the manga has abandoned any shred of realism it once had, so all the cool cooking strategy stuff is pretty much gone. No, flashbacks are being used to substitute actual storytelling that should have been handled in real time.

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