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One Piece 943 Release Date And Spoilers: Well it looks like it's the end for Yasu. You don't suppose he actually survived all those gunshots, do you? Basically, this whole chapter is Yasu saying his last words, assuming that Oda isn't planning on having another person miraculously surviving again. I was totally expecting Yasui to escape, and I still doubt his death, but it's going to be better off if he is dead or else it was goijavascript:void(0)ng to be all for nothing. Man, that resolution at the end, Oda must have thought really well in naming the artificial devil's fruit “SMILE”, it was all due to greater meaning, classic Oda. The bright side of this chapter is Zoro didn't get lost this time. Anyway, Toko and Hiyori better hide before Orochi sees them. What I am curious about is Hiyori's statement about the SMILE fruits' effect on the people of Ebisu Town. Exactly how do the fruits affect them? I thought Kaido only gives these fruits to his crew. So Yasuie told everyone what's up, now everyone knows how much of a coward Orochi is. Brilliant chapter. I was a bit confused about Yausie and Oden talking it was them, right?. At first I thought they were brothers, because Oden said Yausie would become the shogun, but apparently that was just a joke.? So Yausie is not the witching hour boy? He lied about a few things, but probably he really is not him. I expected Zoro to save him, or anyone, but I guess it's better that way. That "Smile" thing, damn. One Piece is full of very weird people, so those people smiling all the time seemed completely normal. As for them smiling even seeing someone dying, I thought it was some sort of pledge they made, that they would smile, no matter what. I mean, that thing is pretty much believable in One Piece, right? And then we are told that it's because of SMILE. Oh my god, so hence the name, and it's been hundreds of chapters ago... Oda is awesome. I wish there wasn't a break next week, but whatever. I think act 2 will end next chapter.

Nike Confirms Release Date of Crossover SB Dunk High “Black Hornet”

Nike has just confirmed that the crossover “Black Hornet” SB Dunk High will be available for purchase on Nike SNKRS on February 23 for $110 USD. Following the preview of the “Black Hornet” Nike SB Dunk High, Black Sheep Skate Shop now unveils its accessories-filled packaging. Coming in a bee hive-inspired shoe box, the pack of the coveted crossover sneakers includes a toy basketball, honeycomb deubrés, a co-labeled drawstring bag, a set of extra laces, and “Nike SB” stickers.

Remaining pairs will be dropped on the Charlotte-based skate shop’s website after the exclusive release in store. The iteration will then hit select skate shops on February 22 and Nike SNKRS on February 24, coming without the premium packaging. All-Star weekend’s loaded releases welcome an appropriate collaboration hailing from Charlotte’s own Black Sheep Skate Shop. The forthcoming release links the boutique with Nike SB for a special Dunk High silhouette. Dubbed “Black Hornet,” you’ll find special nods to the city of Charlotte thanks to its iridescent mix of purple and dark turquoise. The popular elephant print used on the classic Air Jordan 3 is also incorporated into the model’s toe and heel areas. The lateral and medial’s Swoosh insignias also add in stinger accents to their respective points to top off the design. The release will also see a “Hornet’s Nest” iteration – available exclusively at Black Sheep which will be housed in special packaging that includes custom Nike SB stickers, mini foam basketballs, extra sets of stinger-inspired laces, honeycomb dubraes and woven dust bags. The Black Sheep x Nike SB Dunk High “Black Hornet” arrives February 15 at select Nike SB retailers and In related news, Nike SB followers can take a look at the forthcoming Girls Don’t Cry x Nike SB Dunk Low.

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