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One Piece Manga 928: Spoilers and Release Date We begin with Sanji or Sanguro serving noodles to some girls in Wano while hanging out with Usopp, Robin, and Franky. However, we get some trouble as some of Kyoshiro's henchmen start a fuss with Sanji's business. Fortunately, Sanji and Franky defeat the henchmen and we get a new Wano citizen, a laughing and crying girl named Toko who I quite imagine will probably be annoying in the anime next year. Toko's role is that of a kamuro or an aid to a Courtesan known as Komurasaki. Seeing Komurasaki make an entire street full of men faint from blood loss because of how pretty she is was typical Oda humor that I enjoy. Also, we get a random surprise from the old shamisen lady that mentored Robin in the Geisha industry. It won't be long before Robin, or O-Robi, has to meet Orochi. The speculation of Sanji eventually fighting Queen grows as Kyoshiro tells his men to contact Queen's soldiers to fight Sanji. Admit it, the more you look at Kyoshiro, the more you just want to punch him in the face. Finally, the big reveal. Orochi matches his namesake as he is an Yamata no Orochi Zoan devil fruit user. Is he a guy with five dragon heads appearing out of his back? Are they from his legs/crotch as if they were tentacles? In the end, Komurasaki and Robin better watch themselves.

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Boruto chapter 30 is coming soon, The Hyuga do have a Kekkei Genkai: the Byakugan. Boruto clearly inherited a Kekkei Genkai related to it as seen with his Jougan though it might tie more with his Otsutsuki ancestry than his direct Hyuga parentage. so we have lots of time to speculate about what will happen.

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The Uzumaki, on the other hand, don't even have a Kekkei Genkai. They have unique traits in the form of a strong Chakra and great longevity, which is already an incredible advantage. But there is no technique that requires their genetics to be learned. Even the Adamantine Sealing Chain is actually a secret technique that can be learned by someone who's not an Uzumaki. Also, the Vanishing Rasengan is not a combination of multiple Chakra natures. It's strictly a Lightning Release technique. The basic Rasengan itself is a technique that requires only Chakra shape manipulation, not nature. The Vanishing Rasengan adds lightning nature to that shape, much like Naruto's RasenShuriken adds wind nature to it instead.

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