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One Piece Manga 928: Spoilers and Release Date We begin with Sanji or Sanguro serving noodles to some girls in Wano while hanging out with Usopp, Robin, and Franky. However, we get some trouble as some of Kyoshiro's henchmen start a fuss with Sanji's business. Fortunately, Sanji and Franky defeat the henchmen and we get a new Wano citizen, a laughing and crying girl named Toko who I quite imagine will probably be annoying in the anime next year. Toko's role is that of a kamuro or an aid to a Courtesan known as Komurasaki. Seeing Komurasaki make an entire street full of men faint from blood loss because of how pretty she is was typical Oda humor that I enjoy. Also, we get a random surprise from the old shamisen lady that mentored Robin in the Geisha industry. It won't be long before Robin, or O-Robi, has to meet Orochi. The speculation of Sanji eventually fighting Queen grows as Kyoshiro tells his men to contact Queen's soldiers to fight Sanji. Admit it, the more you look at Kyoshiro, the more you just want to punch him in the face. Finally, the big reveal. Orochi matches his namesake as he is an Yamata no Orochi Zoan devil fruit user. Is he a guy with five dragon heads appearing out of his back? Are they from his legs/crotch as if they were tentacles? In the end, Komurasaki and Robin better watch themselves.

Boruto 30 Manga - Page 15

Good Day we are so excited to bring you the latest boruto 30 raw scans and summaries. Boruto 30 manga will be posted here when boruto chapter scans is out! He was talking about ninshuu, not about ninjutsu. Ninshuu is sth that the sage of the six paths created to connect individuals' hearts with each other in the name of peace. Naruto seems to be a strong believer of it and I've actually liked that scene a lot.

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Boruto 30 Manga - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

I really don’t think KK is Jiraiya, because he was such an important and well known person in Mount Myōboku that if he was still alive (and summoning toads frequently) Shima and Fukasaku would notice, or at the very least the Gamamaru the great toad sage would know. I mean its not like all the toads he’s summoning would be kept a secret they’d have to have like some big scheme to keep it secret from the elders which I doubt, they would at least know his contract is still active. While Naruto was talking with Kawaki it almost seemed like he was distracted/noticed something/ sensed something, and kind of looks around. I think this was him noticing the senjutsu from the toad that was trying to find Kawaki!

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