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One Piece Manga 925: Spoilers and Release Date First of all, I'm surprised that it did not take long for Luffy to pick a fight with Kaido. I don't blame Luffy for trying, but he should know that he can not defeat the final boss so early. At least it was enjoyable watching Luffy beat the snot out of Kaido's men before this happened. I was hoping that Law would retrieve Luffy, but Hawkins got in the way and Luffy is thrown into a prison again. The good news is that Law got away and Kin'emon's plan isn't entirely ruined yet. Once again, Luffy's luck played a role. Kaido could have killed Luffy right there, but he decided that Luffy is worth keeping around and I'm sure we can all expect that he's going to regret it later. I'm certain that Luffy's experiences inside Udon prison is going to fuel the fire inside him. I wonder what Big Mom is going to do if she heard about this. As for Luffy's current predicament, I predict that he and Kid will eventually start an uprising. I'm also guessing that one of the allies Kin'emon was searching for is there as well. I hope that Luffy won't think about tearing off some of his limbs again. In any case, Luffy's recklessness gave his friends more things to worry about. Besides planning for the final battle, they have to plan a rescue operation as well and who knows what Zoro is going to do. If Luffy can escape with help from inside the prison, then that would be great. Also, if Luffy ends up gaining more allies for the final battle, then it might be worth all the trouble. Things do happen for a reason after all.

Apple’s price hike strategy is paying off

Despite a zero percent change in iPhone unit sales year over year, Apple ended its fiscal fourth quarter with a 29 percent revenue increase in its smartphone division. It also met its overall revenue target of $62.9 billion up from $52.5 billion this quarter last year. Both sales and profit exceeded Wall Street expectations for the quarter. Apple’s Q4 quarter ended in September, meaning it only accounted for the first few weeks of the new iPhone XS and XS Max going on sale. (The iPhone XR, which was also announced in September, did not become available for preorder until October.) Despite the slow sales growth, the average selling price per iPhone is now $793, up from $724 in Q3.

The increase suggests that Apple’s price hike strategy appears to be working; the trillion-dollar company introduced its first smartphone to cross the thousand-dollar starting price in 2017 with the 10th anniversary iPhone, and continued the trend of pricier phones this year with the $749 iPhone XR, $999 iPhone XS, and $1,099 iPhone XS Max. (It also discontinued its cheapest $399 iPhone SE after the announcement.) Apple also announced new iPad and MacBook devices at an event this week. The starting price of the refreshed MacBook Air is now $1,199, up from $999, and the Mac mini starts at $799, up from $499. Accessories are also seeing a price bump: the new Apple Pencil 2 costs $129 up from $99 and the new Smart Keyboard starts at $179, the price of the most expensive version of the folio’s previous model. The more expensive Apple products come as the Cupertino company stated to the US Trade Representative last month that proposed tariffs by the Trump administration will make Apple products including the Apple Watch, AirPods, and chargers even more expensive.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Services division, which includes AppleCare, iCloud, and Apple Music, reached an all-time revenue record of $10 billion. (It should be noted that the costs to fix Apple products seem to also increase alongside them, with the new iPad Pro costing as much as $649 to repair without AppleCare+.) iPad sales were expectedly down compared to last quarter ahead of this week’s keynote, while Mac sales saw a unit increase of 42 percent after a new MacBook Pro was announced in July

With many new Apple hardware announced this week and priced at their most expensive yet, Apple is naturally forecasting a strong holiday quarter ahead, with a fiscal Q1 revenue expected between $89 billion and $93 billion, up from $88.3 billion this time last year. It’ll be harder to calculate the average selling prices of iPhones, Macs, and iPads going forward, though. Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri announced during the earnings call that the company will no longer disclose unit sales starting next quarter, claiming that those numbers do not accurately represent sales performance.

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