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One Piece Manga 925: Spoilers and Release Date First of all, I'm surprised that it did not take long for Luffy to pick a fight with Kaido. I don't blame Luffy for trying, but he should know that he can not defeat the final boss so early. At least it was enjoyable watching Luffy beat the snot out of Kaido's men before this happened. I was hoping that Law would retrieve Luffy, but Hawkins got in the way and Luffy is thrown into a prison again. The good news is that Law got away and Kin'emon's plan isn't entirely ruined yet. Once again, Luffy's luck played a role. Kaido could have killed Luffy right there, but he decided that Luffy is worth keeping around and I'm sure we can all expect that he's going to regret it later. I'm certain that Luffy's experiences inside Udon prison is going to fuel the fire inside him. I wonder what Big Mom is going to do if she heard about this. As for Luffy's current predicament, I predict that he and Kid will eventually start an uprising. I'm also guessing that one of the allies Kin'emon was searching for is there as well. I hope that Luffy won't think about tearing off some of his limbs again. In any case, Luffy's recklessness gave his friends more things to worry about. Besides planning for the final battle, they have to plan a rescue operation as well and who knows what Zoro is going to do. If Luffy can escape with help from inside the prison, then that would be great. Also, if Luffy ends up gaining more allies for the final battle, then it might be worth all the trouble. Things do happen for a reason after all.

Boruto 29 Manga - Page 6

Now you can read the forthcoming boruto 29 Manga Scans here. Please came back for another chapter of boruto 29. After this chapter im seriously starting to think the cold open to the manga with the destroyed leaf and Kawaki vs Boruto is just a misdirect and what kawaki means when he said "il send you where I sent Naruto" he just means he will re-unite them where Naruto is hiding or went. Kawaki uses his karma to send naruto somewhere safe because he otherwise would have died? Just makes no sense for him to want to kill naruto after he experienced his first time someone care for him by naruto.
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Boruto 29 Manga - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Kashin is not Jiraiya! Let me explain this chapter Koji and Delta were discussing “war time tales” of the Yamanka clan and their sensory abilities soooooo wouldn’t it make sense Delta would also know who Jiraiya the LEGENDARY SANNIN is. Yea i realize she didnt know about Koji’s konoha past which is why she was bewildered as to why he could get in buuut I just honestly don’t see how she wouldn’t know if he was really Jiraiya, there would have to be some backstory there (resurrection, obito style healing) that she would seem to know about if he really was

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