One Piece 914 Prediction - Betrayal On The Cards

In today's post, I will discuss more One Piece 914 Spoilers and Predictions along with the release date of the chapter. Hawkin's drew the Hierophant card in reverse. The meaning of the Tarot card completely flips depending on whether it is pulled 'normally' or in reverse. Just by doing some quick googling, a 'normal' Hierophant card represents: Tradition, Convention and Marriage (there are more meanings but my focus are on these meanings). The Hierophant in reverse (which is what Hawkins drew) represents: Breakdown, Rejection of family values, Abuse of position, Poor counsel.

So what does this mean? Although Hawkins says drawing the reverse Hierophant "is the card of pursuit", he later allows Luffy and Zoro to escape, saying the reverse Hierophant is "a support card". He also says someone will help the Straw Hats escape.

One Piece 914 Betrayal On The Cards

Now, this is why I think Luffy and Zoro will be betrayed:
1. After drawing 'The Fool' in reverse (which represents and demonstrated chaos) Hawkins was sure his next card would be a good card. If the Straw Hats were betrayed by whoever helped them escape - it will surely be good for Hawkins.
2. The use of 'support' suggests that someone outside of Hawkins group will be involved.
3. The implications of drawing a Hierophant in reverse are very suggestive of betrayal

    Conventions and Marriages (in other words - alliances) will be flipped on their head.
    It suggests a breakdown (in an alliance)?
    A rejection of family values, or in other words a rejection of 'nakama' values.
    Abuse of position - whoever is allied with Luffy will abuse their position.

The person who directly supports Luffy and Zoro in their escape is O-Tsuru. One thing I noticed about her is she had a very unattractive face - almost like a rat or a snake - this is quite unusual especially in contrast to how O-Kiku is drawn. Could she be the traitor?

But more than likely, I'd say Law is the traitor. I'd never been a fan of the 'Law will betray the SH's' theory until I researched the Hierophant card. Furthermore, who do we see at the end of the chapter? Law's Heart Pirates.... just as the reverse Hierophant is drawn. I'd like to think if Law really betrays Luffy - it's for a better reason later on.

What do you guys think?
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