'One Piece' Chapter 910: Luffy Gets Separated from crew in Journey to Wano

The journey of the Straw Hats pirates to Wano continues in “One Piece” chapter 910. Of course, that should not happen without a big challenge and, this time, it means Luffy will be separated from his crew. There are still a few days left before “One Piece” chapter 910 is released. But reports narrating the events that will unfold in the next manga release are now up. Wano was first introduced in chapter 909 and was revealed as a country in the New World. This means that Wano also has its own warriors and leaders that the Straw Hats have to deal with. And, according to the spoilers, their first day in Wano is not an easy one.

According to a translated “One Piece” chapter 910 spoiler from OnePiece900.blogspot.com, the Straw Hat pirates will experience huge waves while the weather gets worse as they get closer to Wano. To make things more difficult, they will also be greeted by enormous sea creatures even before they reach Wano.


A giant octopus will appear and approach their ship. It will reportedly make a deafening sound similar to the ones heard at a Kabuki performance. The octopus screams will signal the appearance of carps that are as big as the Straw Hats’ ship, Sunny. And since carps are freshwater fish, it is at this moment that the characters will realize they ended up in a river.

Later in “One Piece” chapter 910, the Straw Hat pirates will find a big waterfall. Nami will then assume that the entrance to Wano is located above. After seeing that the giant carps can swim to the top of the waterfall, Luffy latches onto one of the fish hoping to bring everyone in Sunny to the Wano gateway.

However, Luffy will only find a whirlpool after reaching the top, and it is going to be too late for them to avoid it. The next thing Luffy knows, he and Sunny have been dropped on an unknown beach and his teammates are nowhere near them. And for some reason, Luffy is convinced that he has found his way to Wano after a Katana-clad baboon appears running after a boar.

“One Piece” chapter 910, to be released on July 9, is the continuation of the much-awaited Wano arc. Wano becomes the fifth location in the New World that the Straw Hats will explore.
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