One Piece 912 Release Date, Prediction

Luffy reveals he's Ace brother but hes dead. O Tama tells him about the promise: Ace wanted to free her and the Tengu dude from this island and bring them to some safe place (Whitebeards's homeland). Luffy asks why would someone want to leave his own country.

Tengu flashbacks starts about the Coup d'Etat night. O Tama was related to the Kozuki clan and daughter of a famous Kunoichis/ninjas family. She was supposed to become one of Momonosuke's bodyguard, as her mother and grandmother were for the previous daimyos. But during the coup, the Shogun asked the head of all ninjas, Kunoichis included. This is how O Tama's parents were killed. Hopefully, one of her family's servant -the Tengu dude, managed to save her right in time and brought her to the current island so they can live anonymously (they couldn't leave the archipelago alone and without a propper ship). But since the island is ruled by the Shogun's men, they cant work for food (they would be immediately recognized and executed), so he (Tengu bro) has to steal food where and when he can.
Last panel we see Hawkins arriving.
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