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read One Piece 922 on line - Kaidou is a dragon. A very impactful appearance. I thought he didn't have an ability due to his inability to get himself killed, but I guess suicide is only worth it for him if it's done by testing the limits of his own endurance. That makes sense when I think about how he tried to become Pirate King. He is not entirely uninterested in his life; he's probably like a berserk warrior bored by how weak and peaceful everyone else is, so he is always trying to test the limits of his power against extreme odds and strong enemies. He reminds me of Thorkell The Tall in Vinland Saga! Kaidou is a lot more extreme, though. His endplan is probably to attack the government in another summit war, but this time in the attacking side. Crazy. I'm not sure if he is even stronger in Dragon form, but this is likely to be so. In any case, having the ability to fly and possibly breath fire would make him into and even bigger threat. Kaidou looks so badass. Given that dragon pokemons are probably the strongest type, I wonder if that's part of why Kaidou's considered the strongest creature. Kinemon seems to have come up with an okay plan, but I can't see that working when they fight Kaidou without miracles, given his power. And on top of that is Jack, who's a beast in his own right as well. Wonder what Zoro's fate is going to be, I can see him somehow both messing the plan up and being the saving grace as result of that.

One Piece Chapter 909 Summary And One Piece 910 Prediction

On the way to Wano Country, Nekomamushi and his crew stop at the island that Whitebeard grew up on and referred to as his homeland. It is shown that the minks decided to stay along the shoreline due to them being warriors on an island of peace. Marco has taken on the role of doctor on the island and helps several citizens before going to sit with Nekomamushi. He describes that Whitebeard grew up an orphan on this island and it was too poor to be able to ally with the World Government. When he started his career as a pirate, Whitebeard would care for the island by funnelling money to it despite not having any familial ties there. After Blackbeard killed Whitebeard and took his place as a Yonko, Marco wanted to fight him in revenge for taking everything away from the remaining Whitebeard Pirates; he breaks down when mentioning that his share of treasure went to support the island and thanks Shanks for burying Whitebeard on his 'final keepsake'. Marco then brings up the topic of Edward Weevil hunting down anyone who has had ties to Whitebeard and, while not knowing if his claims about being Whitebeard's true son are true, admits that Bakkin was a pirate roughly thirty - forty years ago with Whitebeard and for the sake of the island, can't journey to Wano; he informs Nekomamushi to pass on a message to Luffy in his stead.

Shortly after arriving in Wano Country, Kin'emon warns Franky, Usopp, Robin and Zoro that they must assimilate into the country until they can rally enough support to overthrow shogun Kurozumi Orochi, who is loyal to Kaido. He urges them to keep their identities a secret and to not provoke any of the officials; if so, Kaido will know about it and ruin their plans. Franky, Usopp and Robin are able to blend in by getting jobs as a carpenter, salesman, and geisha respectively. Zoro posed as a ronin, but was apprehended by the local magistrate on the grounds of supposedly murdering three people in the night. He is additionally charged with desecrating the grave of famed hero and swordsman Ryuma, using the fact that Zoro is in possession of Ryuma's sword Shusui as proof. Despite acknowledging that Zoro possibly stole the sword from the original thief, the magistrate gleefully states his joy in now being in possession of the sword and orders Zoro to commit seppuku for "his" crimes. As Zoro prepares himself, he comments that the magistrate himself smells like blood and queries if he is the true culprit; the magistrate is caught off guard and Zoro slashes the air, cutting the magistrate and part of the building. As the onlookers are shocked that so much damage was caused with just a seppuku blade, Zoro inwardly apologizes to Kin'emon and prepares himself.

One Piece 910 Chapter Title: The Ocean Ronin  

The chapter begins with all of the samurai stunned by Zoro’s swordsmanship. Zoro walks and grabs shusui and throws away the seppuku knife saying to himself “ I survived a slash from the worlds strongest swordsman, there's no way I'd let a pathetic blade like that kill me.” The samurai prepare to attack when suddenly an old man appears and tells them to let him handle it. The old man rushes Zoro with his blade as he leans in an whispers to him “ Go along with it Pirate Hunter.” Zoro pretends to fall and the old man tells the citizens that he will take him to the shogun so no need to worry. 

After that Zoro asks who the old man is and he is about to tell him when he suddenly falls asleep. Zoro becomes angered by this and the old man wakes up not knowing what happened. Zoro leaves him behind only after thanking the old man for saving him. Later that evening the Straw Hats all are pissed at Zoro for what he did with Usopp saying they were almost caught. Kinemon is mad too but he says that at least everyone is okay. Zoro is handed a news paper about Luffy, the fifth emperor stuff, and what happened at Whole Cake. Kanjuro points out that with the publicity Luffy has received it's possible more people will back them up as they believe they have a chance against Kaido. Zoro ignores that and is too focused on being pissed at Sanji’s new bounty.

Just as they laugh Momo walks in and asks what's going on, Kinemon tells him that he should go back to bed but Momo says he can't because someone's in his bed before him. They all go to check and it's the old man from earlier. The old man wakes up and Zoro is pissed that he followed him but the samurai squad all bow to him. Kinemon reveals that he is the leader of the Samurai rebellion and former swordsman of the Roger pirates “ The Ocean Ronin” Scopper Gaban. The Straw Hats are surprised by this and Momo says that it's the first time he's met his fathers teacher as Scopper taught Oden how to use a sword while sailing. Scopper tells Zoro that he never thanked him for earlier but Zoro yells that he fell asleep. Kinemon asks why Scopper has appeared and Scopper tells them that they are having an emergency meeting with the samurai regarding Kaido. Kinemon tells the Straw Hats that Scopper has been working secretly under Kaido and the Shogun Orochi to gain intel. Kinemon asks what Kaido's plan is. The chapter ends with Kaido sitting in a room with Jack and two other huge and shadowy figures Kaido tells them that in one week they will prepare to strike both Big Mom and Luffy. Kaido order the two shadowy figures whose names are Poker and Roulette to deal with the straw hats already on Wano.

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