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read One Piece 922 on line - Kaidou is a dragon. A very impactful appearance. I thought he didn't have an ability due to his inability to get himself killed, but I guess suicide is only worth it for him if it's done by testing the limits of his own endurance. That makes sense when I think about how he tried to become Pirate King. He is not entirely uninterested in his life; he's probably like a berserk warrior bored by how weak and peaceful everyone else is, so he is always trying to test the limits of his power against extreme odds and strong enemies. He reminds me of Thorkell The Tall in Vinland Saga! Kaidou is a lot more extreme, though. His endplan is probably to attack the government in another summit war, but this time in the attacking side. Crazy. I'm not sure if he is even stronger in Dragon form, but this is likely to be so. In any case, having the ability to fly and possibly breath fire would make him into and even bigger threat. Kaidou looks so badass. Given that dragon pokemons are probably the strongest type, I wonder if that's part of why Kaidou's considered the strongest creature. Kinemon seems to have come up with an okay plan, but I can't see that working when they fight Kaidou without miracles, given his power. And on top of that is Jack, who's a beast in his own right as well. Wonder what Zoro's fate is going to be, I can see him somehow both messing the plan up and being the saving grace as result of that.

One Piece Chapter #909 - Seppuku

Today we have a new chapter of manga one piece 909 titled Seppuku. We Will Update The One Piece 909 Raw Scans To One Piece 909 High Quality Chapter is out on respected scanlators. Here's The Summary. So far the first part is about Marco meeting with Nekomamushi, and them talking/visiting Whitebeard's homeland where he put his vast resources to work as a place where those who are poor and weak can live without issues. But Blackbeard took over after the summit war and it's descended into a warzone.

Weevil is mentioned. Apparently what he wants (or most likely his mom) is that large wealth Whitebeard left behind. Ms. Bakkin is said to have been on Whitebeard's ship. (It's unknown if she was crew or just sorta there though.)

The other SH's are in the country as merchants to keep from Kaidou's watchful eye, thanks to Kinemon hiding them. Franky and Usopp have aliases, Usohachi and Franosuke. Robin is Orobi

Basically Ryuma's sword was stolen (along with his corpse) 23 years ago --the very same Shuusui that Zoro has. The magistrate has it out that a killer is wanted, and the shogun somehow realizes Zoro's got the sword he wants, and thus tries to frame Zoro. Zoro's got no choice but to defend himself, and apologizing to Kinemon and attacks.

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