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Read One Piece 962 Updates: The hint that oda gave in this chapter is that oden kozuki never actually started the troubles he got into. He just always gets involved in other people's problems, thats all. Yet the shogun is always giving him the blame. Why? Its simple. And this chapter more or less confirmed it. You see, oden kozuki gets caught into other people's problems, but also somehow manages to solve them, giving him the spotlight of the incident, and therefore the blame of the incident at the same time. When people want to speak the truth about the incident, oden prevents that. Just like what happened with kinemon here. Oden is like: ''its fine dont worry about''. So ultimately people will always have that feeling that he started all those incidents and troubles while in reality, its the people around him who did. So he gets hated for actually covering up for all the incidents other people were doing. And then he also gets worshipped because he covers up for all the people who started the incidents at the same time. This is actually really nice writing oda did here in this chapter. Because there is no way in hell all the incidents the shogun mentioned, were all odens doing. It was the other people's doing, but oden always took the full blame and responsibility of those incidents, making him actually a really holy grail character in the story of wano. He simply does not care about his status or anything, he just laughs it all off. He is just simply satisfied with helping the people around him. The incident in which we saw in this chapter and how it unfolded and finished gave me the reason to say all this. Kinemon started the incident oden finished the incident people were suspecting oden for starting the incident kinemon wanted to lay the truth of the incident oden didn't want that so people will always suspect him for being the starter of the incident, kinemon worships oden. Hope I explained my thoughts on this well enough. This is actually a really subtle hint oda gave in the chapter and wonder how many people caught on on it.

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You could read the latest and hottest my hero academia 250 manga. It was great to see how rei tried to treat shoto's wound immediately after throwing the boiling on reflex. You can see how much she never intended to do that and the pain in her expression. If you peep the note showed in that one todoroki family, she's getting very better in the hospital and they might discharge her soon. If you have anything to share regarding my hero academia 250 predictions or my hero academia 250 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section.
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I also liked deku giving his "Opinion" on how todoroki is struggling with the situation with his father as a friend. It shows how close him and shoto are. Then finally at the end of the chapter we get the reveal of what fuyumi was praying to. Apparently touya is "Dead", can't wait to see what happened. I really love the slowburn way the todoroki history keeps revealing itself slowly. We knew the mom burnt todoroki and to me it was clear that it was a reflex. But also we didn’t know the after math or the whole reason why todoroki never blamed his mom. Now we do. Man why the hell would hori keep showing panels of hurt baby todo, I don’t think my heart can take anymore. Also for the love of god please don’t let anyone touch a hair on fuyumi. It is great to see how much fuyumi helped endeavor and keeps giving him hope. Endeavor is really asking for crumbs at this point. Like even the info that shoto was waiting to see what he would do gives endeavor hope.