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One Piece 943 Release Date And Spoilers: Well it looks like it's the end for Yasu. You don't suppose he actually survived all those gunshots, do you? Basically, this whole chapter is Yasu saying his last words, assuming that Oda isn't planning on having another person miraculously surviving again. I was totally expecting Yasui to escape, and I still doubt his death, but it's going to be better off if he is dead or else it was goijavascript:void(0)ng to be all for nothing. Man, that resolution at the end, Oda must have thought really well in naming the artificial devil's fruit “SMILE”, it was all due to greater meaning, classic Oda. The bright side of this chapter is Zoro didn't get lost this time. Anyway, Toko and Hiyori better hide before Orochi sees them. What I am curious about is Hiyori's statement about the SMILE fruits' effect on the people of Ebisu Town. Exactly how do the fruits affect them? I thought Kaido only gives these fruits to his crew. So Yasuie told everyone what's up, now everyone knows how much of a coward Orochi is. Brilliant chapter. I was a bit confused about Yausie and Oden talking it was them, right?. At first I thought they were brothers, because Oden said Yausie would become the shogun, but apparently that was just a joke.? So Yausie is not the witching hour boy? He lied about a few things, but probably he really is not him. I expected Zoro to save him, or anyone, but I guess it's better that way. That "Smile" thing, damn. One Piece is full of very weird people, so those people smiling all the time seemed completely normal. As for them smiling even seeing someone dying, I thought it was some sort of pledge they made, that they would smile, no matter what. I mean, that thing is pretty much believable in One Piece, right? And then we are told that it's because of SMILE. Oh my god, so hence the name, and it's been hundreds of chapters ago... Oda is awesome. I wish there wasn't a break next week, but whatever. I think act 2 will end next chapter.

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6 Finale details 'leak' online

Tonight is the finale of one of my favourite series of all time, and I feel empty. Not excited, not nervous, just accepting of the fact that I'll be let down again. I honestly can't believe how quickly the show went from me being obsessed with everything ASOIAF for so long to not particularly caring how it ends. It really sucks that something I cared for so much has managed to fall so far so fast. We'll finally get the ending to Tyrion's jackass and honeycomb joke. I'm hoping against hope that Jaime has Arya-tier plot armour and is alive somehow.

Apart from that, I'm surprised by how little I care about watching the final episode. GOT has never been this unexciting before. I'm really hoping Bran does something meaningful in final episode or is revealed to have done something meaningful in a previous episode. I fail to see the point of his entire arc if he doesn't. What was he doing during the battle against the Night King? What motivates him? Why did he say Jon had to know about his parentage? Does he have any goals now that the Night King is gone or was that the end of his arc? I hope D&D gives us something. Its going to end like this. Just as the huge fight is ending, we hear it is being narrated by Sam. All of a sudden it shows Sam. Hes sitting bedside reading to his child. Its actually the year 2020. He finishes the story and closes the book. The book is titled Game Of Thrones. He shuts off the light and closes the door. Camera pans to the little kids face. Kids eyes all of a sudden flash ice blue. Then the bum bum bumbum music come on and credits roll. Or it was all a dream and ned wakes up.

Big wildfire explosion kills Dany, Drogon, Dhotraki, Unsullied ...

Jon is outside of city with his army, people are reaching for a leader, he reluctantly accept it. It's a job and he is good at it. Emisaaries from other kingdoms are coming, asking for audience, Great Council is scheduled.

Bran is having fun in Winterfell, watching Harrenhal tournament, Ned and Lyanna having fun. But someone is not happy there. Lyanna and Rhaegar, Lyanna is kidnapped after wedding ... Next fleshback - Mad King and Jaime, fall of KL, wildfire ... Varys' role explained, he had balls after all. We got explanation why Dany snapped, it's tragic.

Arya escaped KL in last minute before explosion, she is done with killing.

Bronn slipes on banana and kills himself with crossbow, not so tragic. Brienne is pregnant, she will tell only nice things about Jaime to her daughter. Bran is not going to tell her the truth. Edmure Tully is good looking as he used to be, his wife is expecting another baby. Ghost is also pregnant. Seasons are back to normal, north of the wall is not so cold any more, Thormund is unhappy.

Bran occasinally threatens that he will bring Night King back.