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Read One Piece 956 Updates: Now is only one day left before the raid on Onigashima and Act 2 comes to end. Luffy finally learns how to use advanced Busoshoku Haki and Zoro gives Enma a test run, and it looks like it can do some serious damage. According to Robin, the enemy is already bigger in terms of numbers. Assuming that Kaido and Big Mom are still buddies, it's only going to get worse. Usopp, Nami, and Chopper are going to cry when they hear about the team up between the two Yonko. Luffy better be prepared to use Haoshoku Haki to thin out the enemy ranks. More bad news is that Orochi knows about the new meeting place and that Hiyori is alive. As for the prisoners in the capital, hopefully someone can free them. Here's a thought. Tama should mix her dangos with the food that is going to Onigashima just like how Orochi mixed the failed SMILEs with the leftovers. Any Gifter who eats Tama's dangos will become allies. Hopefully, the minks will also be able to use their Sulong forms during the battle. Here's another thought. Since it would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) for Luffy to fight both Big Mom and Kaido, Luffy should fight either of them while Zoro fights the other one. If not, then what was the point of mentioning Enma having harmed Kaido? Here are some more questions. Where are Jinbe, Nekomamushi, and Denjiro? Did Kid and Killer had any luck finding their crewmates? Anyway, on to Act 3.

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I love seeing that this arc is going to be directly tied into the consequences of the Pro Hero and Meta Liberation arcs. Might as well throw in Joint Training too. That's how you know this is going to be Big. The new boku no hero academia 244 is coming, the latest boku no hero academia 244 chapter will be available as soon as they are released by readms. Just wait for boku no hero academia 244 spoilers and boku no hero academia 244 raw pics with English translation.
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I'm giddy just thinking about it. While I'm hoping all three of the main characters grow in this arc, I am particularly looking forward to how Bakugo and Todoroki develop. For being the other main characters beside Deku, they have gotten significantly less time in the spotlight. And of the three of them, Deku is definitely the one who's changed the most, so seeing the other two develop further is at the top of my wish list for this arc. Endeavor has been a terrible husband, father, and in many ways a bad hero. Still find it hilarious how some people find it impossible for him to change and be better. Especially when compared to say Dragon Ball or Naruto. In those you have actual villains who kill untold amounts of life and commit the worse acts. Yet many get redemption arcs and you hear almost no issue about it. Well outside of bad writing and obviously not enough development to make it convincing. Maybe because Endeavor is more realistic to many in regards to his personality and attitude, that to some it can strike closet to home if they personally have a bad relationship. Still even in that said case it shouldn't be upsetting to see a flawed person trying to be better.