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One Piece 937 Release Date And Spoilers: Luffy and Hyogoro are forced to fight in death matches. The bright side is that Luffy is not restricted by Seastone. Poor Raizo went through a lot of effort to get the keys to the cuffs only for them to be removed anyway. I like the way Luffy smiles when he took out the fodders. However, I have a feeling that things are only going to get worse for Luffy before he's freed. Nami's group just had a close call with Drake and Hawkins. Also, it turns out that Sanji was in the bathhouse after all. Sanji better thank his family for giving him an opportunity to get a nice good look at Nami. Fortunately, Sanji and Nami's group managed to avoid a confrontation. Unfortunately, this chapter reveals more bad news. The Beasts Pirates are aware of the moon mark Kin'emon's allies have and Law's crew is captured. Rescuing Law's crew is one thing, but Kin'emon will have a more difficult time gathering his forces.

Shokugeki no Soma 304 Chapter - 1

Catch the latest shokugeki no soma 304 spoilers, I can't say I'm at all surprised about how the battle went with Megumi against Asahi, since her chances were pretty hopeless from the start. Plus, I also can't say I really cared for what we saw from Asahi or Erina in this either. Not to mention, I hope that once this arc is over that Erina will go back to being how she was before, or at least something like it.

But to be completely honest, I can't say I really care much for this arc at this point and about wanting to see Sōma just finish Asahi off already. We will get shokugeki no soma 304 the moment it will be release, so be sure to check this page regularly for the update of spoilers, scans, discussions, raw, prediction and news.

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Among the many, many other problems with this arc, I think one of the biggest ones came to mind with this chapter. It’s something that’s been fairly endemic for a while, but really stood out to me here.There’s almost no actual focus on the food.
Asahi made his dish and served it in about three pages. We saw him doing some fancy slicing... and then served. And even when he explains what he did, he’s super vague on details “amino acids and other compounds and this claw is full of them.” There’s no detail about just what compounds he’s talking about. There’s no details on the kinda of spices or flavors the food actually has. And I don’t think Megumi even had a chance to show what she even did or what her dish even was.

When was the last time we had a genuine chapter-ending cliffhanger? When was the last time we had some genuine competition where we saw some real interesting and in depth focus on the food itself? When was the last time someone made a dish that you thought would be fun, or even just possible to try making at home? There’s all this crazy focus on weird family bullshit and super talents and weird fucking cooking techniques that the actual food is being left far, far behind.

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